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Our Clients Say…

Jacquelyn Small, LMSWJacquelyn Small, LMSW“With all the years of experience I’ve had with professional editors, Penelope is the best editor I’ve ever had—and in so many ways. She’s thorough, remarkably able to ‘get’ context and content, and has a soft, warm, yet insistently competent manner in helping the author’s message remain in the flow. She knows how to bring out the best in her authors. Penelope is an author’s dream.”

— Jacquelyn Small, LMSW
Author of Becoming Naturally Therapeutic,
The Sacred Purpose of Being Human,
Awakening in Time
and 5 other titles
Austin, TX | www.Eupsychia.com

Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, ARNP“I’m not an author, primarily. My passion is cosmetic dermatology. I had written a short e-book for my patients, but an e-book on a CD is so impersonal. What I really wanted was real  book I could give patients and attendees at the pharmaceutical seminars I conduct. Penelope took the time to read my e-book and really ‘get’ what I was trying to do. She then took the e-book, which at best was amateurish in layout and design, and turned it into a product I’m proud to give and people are equally proud to receive. I will be forever grateful to Penelope and would recommend her to anyone wanting to publish their own book.”

— Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, ARNP
Author of Beauty Secrets Doctors Save for Celebrities
Jupiter, FL | www.BeautifulRightNow.com

“Penelope Love brought the rainbow of colors to my memoir Riding on Empty. I couldn’t have done it without her expertise in editing, design, marketing and determination to fulfill my dreams as an author. She is a special person who will show you the way from the beginning to the end of your project. In today’s world, it’s imperative to have people like Penelope on your side.”

— Craig Stephan
Author of Riding on Empty
White Oak, PA | www.RidingOnEmpty.com

“How many can say that their editor is responsive, brilliant, clear, quick, effective, and so warm as to be considered a friend? Well, I can. Penelope has my highest recommendation.”

— Dr. Patricia O’Gorman, Psychologist & Author
Dancing Backwards in High Heels, 12 Steps to
and 3 other titles
East Chatham, NY | www.OGormanDiaz.com

“Professional in every sense, Penelope understands how to nurture a writer throughout the creative process. Her gentle yet relentless attention to detail proved essential to the quality and fruition of my book. Her respect for the book’s message and foresight of its implications allowed us to structure it without diminishing quality whatsoever, while enhancing its focus and its appeal to a larger audience. Authors—if you find Penelope, indeed you are blessed.”

— Nick Gancitano, Author
Be Still and Know I AM God | www.BeStillandKnowIAMGod.com
Originally self-published, now published by a traditional publisher

“After communications with multiple prospective editors for my first non-fiction book, it became clear that Penelope possessed the most comprehensive set of skills that I needed. Beyond being a highly professional copy editor who is able to make a grammatical masterpiece of the manuscript, Penelope has a superior contextual vision.  She grasps the message and gives priceless input, which polishes the final work. She is in every sense the consummate ‘Book Doctor.’ I could not be happier with her efforts on my behalf.”

— John Tiffany, Author & Founder of Mission Honesty
Palm Beach Gardens, FL | www.MissionHonesty.org

“As a first time author, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered Penelope Love to help me with my book. As my political satire was of a time-sensitive nature, Penelope took up the challenge to work with me, edit my book, prepare it for self-publication, assist me with setting up web and blog sites, and prepare a marketing plan, all within a 3-week time frame. Her patience and perseverance with me, along with her creative style and competent approach to all aspects of my book, have made me a great fan of Penelope, and I would strongly recommend her to any ‘newbie’ or experienced author.”

— Ken Sulkoski, Author
West Palm Beach, FL

“I’m deeply thankful for all of Penelope’s expertise in this extremely intimidating field of ‘getting my book published.’ Her endless patience, gentle encouragement and compassionate guidance helped get me over the finish line.”

— Randal Lyons, D.O.M.
Author, Opening the Eyes of the Heart
West Palm Beach, FL | www.AlchemistClinic.com

“When I was 21, an astrologer told me that I would be a writer. Since then, I have been mostly writing songs. Yet during the past few years, Penelope has been encouraging me with her delightful inspiration, joy and practical ideas of how to board the ocean liner of many kinds of writing with an e-book, a coaching website, healing blogs, and articles for national and international publications.”

— Jill Schneider
Holistic Coach and Author, Romancing Life
Delray Beach, FL | www.Circle-of-Life.net

“Penelope’s mind works in brave and insightful ways. Working with her expanded my perspective on whatever the subject at hand. She brought her insight and know-how to bear, crafting my message so readers could both learn from the material and be drawn into it. She is wonderful at what she does.”

— Dr. Tian Dayton, Psychologist & Author
The Magic of Forgiveness, Modern Mothering,
The Quiet Voice of the Soul
and 12 other titles
New York, NY | www.TianDayton.com

“Largely through Penelope’s encouragement, I am now a regular contributor to Counselor Magazine. In addition to her strong skills as a writer and editor, she brings to bear a decidedly upbeat and supportive orientation, which makes it a real pleasure to work with her.”

— Dr. John Newport
Author, The Wellness-Recovery Connection
Port Townsend, WA | www.WellnessAndRecovery.com

“Penelope’s broad base of experience and knowledge have been so valuable to me, along with her warm-hearted support, encouragement and enthusiasm for my book and endeavors as a whole.”

— Jannette MacKinnon
Publisher, DIGITS Phonebook
Ballena, Costa Rica | www.EveryDigit.com

Karen Talavera“Penelope possesses an intuitive creativity and unique ability to translate the ‘raw materials’ of words and ideas into cohesive, exceptional publications and visuals that capture the very essence of a business. She delivers on every request, surpassing my expectations and I’ve never had to compromise or settle just to get a project done on time or on budget. She is fast, efficient, thorough, dependable and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t turn anywhere else for my publishing needs.”

— Karen Talavera
Author, The Accidental Seeker Blog
Lake Worth, FL | www.AccidentalSeeker.com

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